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We build companies that will shape the future.

Open Horizon Ventures is a venture creation fund. We partner with great entrepreneurs, researchers, corporates and government to co-found and invest in the next generation of world-changing companies, bringing together exceptional founders, big ideas, and investment capital.

We take a different approach to traditional venture capital firms in that we systematically search for industry-disrupting opportunities that lie at the intersection of technology and business.
Our managers examine the market and market changes in the context of emerging technologies. This intelligence directs the collaborative ecosystem that powers our platform for open innovation.

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We invest in innovation with social impact.

Open Horizon's mission is to accelerate innovation and most importantly to accelerate public access to innovations and their benefits. We research and invest in sectors where the social impact of investment capital can be huge.

Our investment philosophy is to work closely with our partners to build companies around mandatory needs not optional wants. From a product creation perspective we search for industry 'painkillers' rather than 'vitamins'. The potential for monetizing innovation is established via revenue modeling and exploring the customers' willingness-to-pay (WTP). This quantitative focus on the value proposition and market fit de-risks investments delivers more consistent returns.
A structured capital approach allows LPs to build size in companies that have been validated and are out-performing.

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We deploy an open collaborative network.

Eventually, all companies run into a big one-off challenge they haven't seen before or cannot solve. These seemingly intractable problems can cause a business to loose momentum or fatally stumble.
Over the years, we've been fortunate to work with hundreds of operational experts and subject specialists, people with decades of know-how and who have defined what success looks like. Today, these experts are part of Open Horizon's collaborative network, to which each of our portfolio companies has access. This dynamic and elastic capability takes the form of problem-solving-on-demand. As companies scale and encounter pivotal challenges the Open Horizon network can generate a temporary virtual team to help you work through a solution.