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We identify and validate innovation.

We believe that real world deployments of technology are the catalyst for discovering and creating big, important things. We put disruptors in direct contact with large corporations so that they can work together to solve business challenges. Such early alignment provides mutual benefits ranging from the validation of both the technological and business innovation, the utilization of sales and distribution networks, proving product-market fit, to shared economies of scale.

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We build talent networks.

We strive for intellectual diversity, and we seek different opinions and perspectives.
We bring together an extraordinary collection of people, from experienced fund managers, industry experts and entrepreneurs to top technologists, researchers and academics. The Open Horizon network is a passionate and powerful community of CEOs, entrepreneurs, technologists, subject specialists, designers, data scientists, marketing thought-leaders, experienced operators, and growth experts.
Together we systematically collaborate on ideation, testing, prototyping, market validation, branding, team building/recruiting, developing, marketing, and scaling.

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Structured capital powers our formula for success.

We drive a high Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for our investors by capturing the surfacing science and technology that is powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and combining it with top executive talent that then manages these businesses.

The Open Horizon network allows us to bring together some of the best investors in the world, who are LPs in our fund, the best GPs and FMs who have the best pattern recognition regarding investing and the best subject specialists in a broad range of domains.