Deploy an innovation ecosystem to boost the economy and fill strategic gaps.

Fostering innovation has become a mandated task on the agenda of most of governments as they face tougher competition in today's globalized market.


Map National & Global Market Objectives

Map national and global market objectives such as boosting the economy and fostering new opportunities arising from technological advances as well as improving the rate and quality of new business development.


an Innovation Ecosystem

Deploy an innovation ecosystem based on complex adaptive systems that reflects current increased connectivity, interdependence, and co-evolution of actors, technologies, and institutions.


and Grow

Manage your innovation initiatives using performance indicators and dashboards to provide continuous feedback about your ecosystem's efficacy to relevant stakeholders and ecosystem managers.

A complex adaptive system
Open Horizon's complex adaptive system approach looks at implementing a local government innovation system beyond the traditional "triple helix" format of government-academia-industry, infrastructure, policy and political environment.
This need for an empirical shift reflects the current increase in connectivity, interdependence, and the co-evolution of actors, technologies, and institutions.

Multiple levels and types of interdependencies
The process involves coping with many hard tangible and intangible issues of different nature, different levels and types of interdependencies. It comprises of independent but inter-related activities that need to be carefully performed. And it relies on pattern formation, sense making, definition of simple rules, change of attractors, tagging, chunking and maintaining disequilibrium, as well as the mobilization of niches. A successful innovation ecology only partly depends on the presence of elements (i.e. talent, firms, institutions, capital), but even more so on their identities, meaning, networking capabilities, culture of trust and pragmatic cooperation.

Creating a park is very different from raising a rainforest
From the perspective of management, building and developing the institutional "system of innovation" and nurturing the "innovation ecosystem" are two very distinct processes. To use a metaphor, creating a park is very different from raising a rainforest.
There are attempts at replicating 'Silicon Valley'-like ecosystems without understanding the necessary elements and the time required by them to flourish and evolve. We help local governments surmount challenges such as an inadequate local mindset for innovation, lack of actors' preparedness, suitable legal frameworks, insufficient cash flow throughout the whole innovation chain, low attractiveness, or insufficient infrastructure of cities.

Work with us to deliver the four main components of a successful innovation ecosystem: (1) competition and evolution; (2) emergence and disruption; (3) stable business exchange; and (4) value co-creation.
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