Work with us to build a company of enduring meaning and value.

The science done in research laboratories can change the world, but only when those discoveries can be transformed into innovations.


Transformative Innovation

Identify the science and together with a collaborative network of industry partners and subject specialists develop the transformative innovation.


the Opportunity

Validate and refine both the science and the commercial viability through proof-of-concept projects with leading industry partners.



Build an experienced executive team around a next generation, high social impact company and realize the full potential of your research.

Match the industrial potential of your research with a corporate partner
The first step is matching a corporate strategy or investment mandate with the industrial potential of your research. This step is fundamental to getting your work outside the lab and establishing its viability. This allows both you and us to substantially reduce risk in terms of time and our investors in terms of capital. We take a systematic approach to identifying and prioritizing potential partners for developing an innovation and delivering proof-of-concept (PoC) projects.

Pair new technology with top tier business capability
Once we have identified the best science and established its viability we find a serial entrepreneur who along with Open Horizon's experienced management team will transform the research into a commercial product. It is here that the capability for business execution becomes key. In order to attract investment now and in future rounds it is essential to pair new technology, which may be industry defining and may change the rulebook, with top tier business capability. For that reason your co-founder will be the most important decision you manage. The most challenging part of assembling a startup can occur when market demand is evident and it's time to form a team around the product or prototype. We connect you to the best operators and managers, those who have built and scaled and taken companies public.

If you're a principle researcher or research organization looking to start a new venture around a discovery made in your laboratory we'd love to hear from you.
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