Partner and benefit from a collaborative innovation ecosystem.

As the pace of global innovation quickens, it's harder than ever to compete and win. Open Horizon is your strategic partner to help you accelerate your corporate innovation initiatives.


Opportunities & Challenges

Identify opportunities and challenges brought about by disruptive innovation relevant to your business and your industry as a whole.


Strategic Relationships

Build strategic relationships with startups, founders and subject specialists to leverage recent science and technology breakthroughs.


Successful Outcomes

Achieve successful business outcomes that deliver upon stakeholder mandates and establish a permanent, productive innovation function.

Engage earlier and more effectively with disruptive innovation
In order to remain competitive and stay relevant in a highly dynamic market place companies need restock their pipeline with innovative assets. Open Horizon helps large corporations stay closer and engage earlier and more effectively with disruptive innovation.

An effective alternative to in-house R&D
The Open Horizon collaborative ecosystem is an effective alternative to in-house R&D. We help companies identify internal challenges, implement proof-of-concept solutions, scale new technologies and expand their portfolios. Our network of subject specialists and market analysts provide insights and technology solutions that represent the disruptive capability that large corporations are seeking.

Create a lean portfolio of high-quality assets primed for market entry
Open Horizon can work with your company to drive an innovation strategy that is focused on a specified corporate investment mandate or one that takes a more exploratory approach influenced by recent technology breakthroughs that surface. The objective is to maximize capital efficiency and create a lean portfolio of high-quality assets primed for market entry. Opportunities can take the form of Proof of Concept (POC) projects, equity investments, or M&A opportunities.

Partner with the Open Horizon ecosystem to create a permanent, productive innovation function that creates a steady stream of startups focused on a specific brand, industry, or vertical.
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